Manager, Design Drafting

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Alan’s disciplined approach and strong attention to detail has made him a valued member of the EnergyLink International team. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, he is our lead designer of SCR units, utilizing his extensive experience and unique insights to problem solve and develop innovative solutions throughout the design, fabrication and installation process.

Personal Experience

Alan began his career as a Project Planner for National Dynamics in 1993. In 1998 he transitioned to Johnson Manufacturing Co. where he specialized in Quality Assurance. In 2001 Alan joined Detak Inc. as Design and Drafting Manager and was responsible for general management of the design and detailing workgroups within the organization. In 2012 Alan was recruited by ATCO Emissions Management as a Manager, Drafting – where he was a lead designer for a variety of different products while heading up the HRSG Design and Drafting Team. Alan successfully carried on in this role after the business was sold to Tri-West Capital Partners on December 31, 2015 – the beginning of INNOVA Global.  In 2018 Alan parlayed his wide depth of experience into a Senior Mechanical Designer role at Fargen Engineering in 2018. Recognized for his disciplined approach and design optimization, Alan was recruited by EnergyLink International in 2020 as Manger, Design Drafting where he is further able to take his articulate designs and turn them into reality through construction and fabrication applications.

Alan’s extensive portfolio of design experience includes Fired Heater and Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Oil and Gas Refinery Equipment, Superheaters, Once Through Steam Generators, Package Boilers, Economizers and Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems. Being at the forefront of designing innovative solutions, Alan’s forward-looking approach has made him a valued resource in developing conceptual drawings for a variety of different products that have revolutionized our industry through ground-breaking advancements.

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