At EnergyLink International we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That is why we offer an unparalleled performance guarantee on our gas turbine auxiliary system products. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and advanced analysis, our team of leading experts will not only meet, but exceed, the most stringent performance standards throughout the world.


EnergyLink International’s static or pulse-jet air filtration systems are custom designed and engineered to provide maximum protection for your gas turbine. Our system protects the turbine from harmful environmental particulates that can damage the internal components and reduce turbine life. Our filter houses are optimized to provide this protection with low pressure drop which means better system performance.


  • Provides critical turbine protection for longer turbine life
  • Designed with low pressure drop
  • Easy integration of inlet cooling coils
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Prevents degradation
  • Acts as a defense against small particles that can clog vital components of the turbine gas path
  • Custom designed for each site’s unique environment
  • Can be bundled with inlet heating, chilling or anti-icing system for minimal system pressure drop
  • Bundle with EnergyLink’ proven intake silencer for a complete air intake system
  • Innovative noise mitigation solutions
  • Available for all makes and sizes of gas turbines
  • Designs available for heavy particulate environments
  • Hi-efficiency filter packs
  • Access to removable filters that can be inspected and serviced in-situ
  • Self-cleaning, low maintenance pulse system and particulate removal system
  • Vertically or horizontally mounted filter designs

Quality First

We know our reputation is based on the quality products we produce. Through advanced technology, rigorous testing and surpassing the highest quality standards, we continue to be at the forefront in creating efficient products that are specifically designed to outperform and outlast.

Environmental Stewardship

EnergyLink International is committed to creating a cleaner and quieter world around us.  That is why we are a leader in delivering products and services that are specifically designed to mitigate noise and air emissions – significantly reducing your environmental footprint.