Behind Our Energy: Issue 2

What sets EnergyLink apart? It’s more than our superior product lines in air emissions and noise control. It extends beyond our innovations and always being at the forefront of our emerging technologies. It all begins with our team.
In this edition of Behind Our Energy and in recognition of National Safety Month, meet our construction and site supervision team. Their dedication towards elevating a culture of safety on site for our clients, subcontractors and our colleagues pushes us all forward. Safety is not just checking a box and going through the motions – it’s about keeping everyone informed, open dialogues, ongoing training, regular audits, accountability, it’s about continuously improving and never settling.
Behind Our Energy is a celebration of the people and teams that make everything we do possible.

Mike Waugh
Shad Arseneault
Cliff Howell
Josh Ellingburg
David Elhorn
Zach Boyle
Ife Tayo

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