Advanced solutions designed to deliver above and beyond

As respected leaders, our team averages more than 100 years of direct design experience working with one of the largest and most diverse portfolio air emissions, gas turbine auxiliary systems and noise management applications. Through our investment in time and resources we are further able to engage in leading-edge design development activities that put us at the forefront  in each of our areas of focus.

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Acoustic Projects

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Catalyst and Gas Turbine Projects


Areas of Focus

EnergyLink International has developed a wide variety of value-added solutions designed to mitigate noise and air emissions. Our advanced product line is specifically designed to drive efficiencies, enhance performance and deliver more for your operations.

Balance Without Compromise

Passion drives our environmental solutions to go above and beyond – exceeding the most stringent international regulatory and performance standards.

Where Ingenuity and Performance Meet

Our recognized team of experts have worked alongside leading OEMs, providing the innovation behind the power to outperform.

Delivering Sound Solutions

A global leader in noise management solutions, EnergyLink’s extensive line of products and services are all designed to deliver sound solutions – guaranteed.

Balance Without Compromise

Through advanced technologies, unparallel experience and a leading team of professionals, we are at the forefront in testing, analyzing  and mitigating noise issues that make all the difference.

Building Something Better

Functional ingenuity has made EnergyLink a leader in turnkey building design and delivery – providing quality solutions that seamlessly fits right into place.

Our multi-disciplinary teams of leading experts cover the full scope of building supply, including:

  • Small, mid and large-scale buildings
  • Acoustic in-situ or panelized assemblies
  • Building steel structures (conventional, hybrid and pre-engineered)
  • Ventilation and acoustical walls

Solving Complex Challenges Through World-Class Solutions

From beginning to new beginnings, EnergyLink is there with enhanced products and solutions to ensure everything is working better than ever.

  • Single source of responsibility for compliance or performance guarantee
  • Elimination of client risk to achieve emissions or efficiencies targets
  • Cost savings for our clients through streamlining of the design, procurement and construction processes


At EnergyLink we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That is why we offer an unparalleled guarantee on all our products and services. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and rigorous testing, we know our proven product line will not only meet but exceed your expectations – that’s our promise and never-ending commitment to you, our valued clients. .