At EnergyLink International we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That is why we offer an unparalleled performance guarantee on our gas turbine auxiliary system products. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and advanced analysis, our team of leading experts will not only meet, but exceed, the most stringent performance standards throughout the world.


GT inlet heating or anti-icing systems using recovered heat from the turbine exhaust, providing even distribution of the heated air over the face of the inlet filter to prevent filter and ducting from icing with extremely low inlet and exhaust pressure drops as well as high turbine performance. Results show that our Anti-icing systems have a larger power output for gas turbine peak-performance compared to hot water heat exchangers.

EnergyLink International’s inlet heating systems operate by transferring heat from hot exhaust gas to anti-icing ambient air which is injected at the entrance of the inlet system. The advantage of this heating system is that the temperature is raised sufficiently to prevent icing in the gas turbine intake system upstream of the filters.


  • Our Anti-icing protection system prevent the formation or ice accretion on the turbine inlet filters and ducting
  • Our Inlet Heating system promotes uniform mixing because of the large number of nozzles and low velocity of mixing
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • No noticeable reduction in engine efficiency
  • Low cost operation & maintenance
  • No glycol spills and environmental damage / concerns
  • Activation at any time during operation
  • No additional silencing required
  • Can be used for inlet heating applications
  • 1″ wg pressure drop reduction = 0.355% power output gain
  • A 50 MW GT will yield an additional 177KW of power
  • Over 4 months of use at $0.10/KWh, revenue will increase $50,000.00

Quality First

We know our reputation is based on the quality products we produce. Through advanced technology, rigorous testing and surpassing the highest quality standards, we continue to be at the forefront in creating efficient products that are specifically designed to outperform and outlast.

Environmental Stewardship

EnergyLink International is committed to creating a cleaner and quieter world around us.  That is why we are a leader in delivering products and services that are specifically designed to mitigate noise and air emissions – significantly reducing your environmental footprint.