At EnergyLink International we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That is why we offer an unparalleled guarantee on noise control solutions. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and advanced analysis, our team of leading experts will not only meet, but exceed, the most stringent noise regulations throughout the world.


EnergyLink International is a recognized leader in providing customized noise control solutions. Why? Because of the wealth of expertise of our team members and their direct hands-on experience in a variety of applications for providing sound solutions to complex challenges. We never use a templated approach because we know every situation is unique and requires a tailored strategy and execution to assist you in not only meeting specified requirements but surpassing expectations.


EnergyLink International brings acoustic engineering together with civil, structural, and mechanical engineering practices to offer integrated noise control solutions. Our in-duct products utilize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and physical flow modeling. Our building envelope products undergo laboratory acoustic testing for accurate performance data. We work with your team to deliver an effective and efficient solution.


Our silencers, enclosures, and other noise control products are designed in-house and manufactured under a supervised quality management program. This enables us to create designs customized to meet our clients’ needs and constraints.


Our construction knowledge and project execution experience allow us to deliver noise control solutions which are functional, feasible, and cost effective.

Quality First

We know our reputation is based on the quality products we produce. Through advanced technology, rigorous testing and surpassing the highest quality standards, we continue to be at the forefront in creating efficient products that are specifically designed to outperform and outlast.

Environmental Stewardship

EnergyLink International is committed to creating a cleaner and quieter world around us.  That is why we are a leader in delivering products and services that are specifically designed to mitigate noise and air emissions – significantly reducing your environmental footprint.