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Another Job Well Done – EnergyLink Reaches Substantial Completion in Omaha

Last year, we celebrated significant strides on a custom designed acoustic building project in Omaha, Nebraska. EnergyLink International is proud to share that we are approaching substantial completion on our scope of work supporting our client.

Mike Waugh – Senior Manager, Construction and Colin Martin – Project Manager, have led our team throughout the scope of work, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality of work from start to finish. They have demonstrated their unwavering dedication to safety and efficiency, navigating the construction of one of the heaviest steel envelopes on record without incident and minimal deviation from the original forecasted timeline.

Chris Giesbrecht – Senior Manager, Engineering, custom designed the building with complete utility and safety services for a true turnkey experience. Additionally, to address noise concerns at the site of the plant, Chris has designed a custom ventilation cooling system utilizing heavy steal casing and large silencer baffles providing industry leading low-frequency noise attenuation not possible with standard commercial HVAC equipment.

The successful completion of this project is another example of how EnergyLink is connecting you to a better way.