At EnergyLink International we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That is why we offer an unparalleled guarantee on noise control solutions. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and advanced analysis, our team of leading experts will not only meet, but exceed, the most stringent noise regulations throughout the world.


Quiet ventilation is needed when breakout noise is a problem. This can be caused when the ventilation system itself is the dominant noise source causing the system to increase the overall noise level of your facility.

Intake and exhaust systems control internal temperatures by channeling air over industrial equipment, cooling engines and removing heat. Noise from equipment inside the building can escape through intake and exhaust openings. These openings may need to be silenced to protect and maintain the surrounding environment.


EnergyLink International can reduce noise breakout and fan noise using:

  • Quiet fans (axial or radial)
  • Acoustically lined ridge vents
  • Acoustically lined weather hoods
  • Acoustically lined plenums
  • Acoustically lined louvers
  • Custom-designed silencers

Quality First

We know our reputation is based on the quality products we produce. Through advanced technology, rigorous testing and surpassing the highest quality standards, we continue to be at the forefront in creating efficient products that are specifically designed to outperform and outlast.

Environmental Stewardship

EnergyLink International is committed to creating a cleaner and quieter world around us.  That is why we are a leader in delivering products and services that are specifically designed to mitigate noise and air emissions – significantly reducing your environmental footprint.