At EnergyLink we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That is why we offer an unparalleled guarantee on noise control solutions. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and advanced analysis, our team of leading experts will not only meet, but exceed, the most stringent noise regulations throughout the world.


Delivering Sound Solutions

A global leader in noise management solutions, EnergyLink International’s extensive line of products and services are all designed to deliver sound solutions – guaranteed.

A Respected Leader

At the core of EnergyLink International is a team of highly respected professionals in buildings and noise management solutions with a variety of disciplines. Recognized leaders who are at the forefront of our ever-changing industries and backed by a diverse portfolio of hands-on domestic and international experience. Further strengthening our team is their strong commitment to going further and achieving more for our valued clients. The following showcases our combined experience and demonstrated technical expertise in solving complex challenges with value-added solutions.

  • Our team has more than 300 overall plantwide acoustic guarantees and have achieved a 100% success rate
  • Leading experts in treatment of low frequency noise, tonal, octave band guarantees and atmospheric/meteorological propagation effects
  • Direct experience with even the most stringent acoustic wall assembly designs up to STC 68

Adding Value Throughout Every Stage

When we say partner, we mean it. Not only are we committed to delivering the best solutions possible, we look at every aspect of the project to provide optimum value for our customers. Whether it is with greater efficiencies, uncompromising expertise, dependable hands-on experience or through strategic and insightful negotiations so we can pass on much lower costs, the value we deliver is broad and far reaching and will continue to push us to deliver even more.

For buildings, enclosures and barriers, the following is a sample of the value-added solutions we have provided our customers:

  • Our expansive network and experienced team ensure cost competitiveness with a variety of low-cost suppliers of structural steel, acoustic panels, silencers, HVAC systems, ventilation silencers and more
  • Extensive experience and technical expertise in acoustic mitigation
  • Optimization ensures lower costs averaging 25 – 40% less than other suppliers
  • Demonstrated experience working with clients in the most congested work sites
  • Single point of contact to coordinate steel, panel, HVAC and other system installations on the building envelope
  • Unparalleled acoustic guarantee eliminates risk and ensures job is done to your specific standards
  • Expansive network of trusted suppliers, long-term relationships and extensive insight from our team ensures highest quality and performance
  • We carve out risk for our clients

Full-service Solutions

At EnergyLink International, our full-service solutions means our clients can be worry-free knowing their projects will meet even the most stringent noise limits.

With a team of leading professionals, we can provide turnkey services that include detailed acoustic modelling in 3D, design, foundation loads, regulatory analysis and other project specific requirements.

Our expansive network of qualified, low cost country fabricators ensures EnergyLink International can provide global fabrication support for our clients. We perform to the highest quality and standards with all required certifications.

The EnegyLink International Project Management team works on your behalf to ensure your project is delivered on-schedule and on-budget, as promised. They see to it that regulatory approvals are in place and that all components are designed, manufactured and installed to specifications and schedule.

Delivery and installation of acoustic cladding, acoustic panels, electrical, HVAC systems, ventilation silencers, lighting, lightning protection, flashings and gutters, ladders and platforms, doorways, louvers, vents equipment doors, windows, acoustic lagging, fire protection, gas detection, structural steel, overhead cranes, as well as post construction measurements and support.

As a recognized leader in air and noise emissions mitigation, our extensive suite of products and services extends beyond buildings, enclosures and barriers. We are also a turnkey supplier of gas turbine intake and exhaust systems, silencers, filterhouses, catalyst systems, anti-icing systems and complete retrofit services.