At EnergyLink International we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That is why we offer an unparalleled guarantee on air emissions control solutions. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and advanced analysis, our team of leading experts will not only meet, but exceed, the most stringent air emission standards throughout the world.


Balance Without Compromise

For EnergyLink International passion drives our environmental solutions to meet and exceed the most stringent international regulatory and performance standards.

A Respected Leader

At the core of EnergyLink International is a team of highly respected professionals in catalyst systems with a variety of disciplines. Recognized leaders who are at the forefront of our ever-changing industries and backed by a diverse portfolio of hands-on domestic and international experience. Further strengthening our team is their strong commitment to going further and achieving more for our valued clients.

As such, EnergyLink International prides itself on our in-house engineering capabilities supporting Catalyst technologies. Further complementing our well-known exhaust structural engineering prowess, EnergyLink International designs control systems, analyses flow by using state of the art CFD modeling, makes structural decisions by using elaborate finite element analysis, meets customer’s noise criteria by using sophisticated acoustic design programs and creates our own electrical and mechanical designs.

Experience Lists

The following lists showcases our combined team experience and demonstrated technical expertise in solving complex challenges with value-added solutions.

Adding Value Throughout Every Stage

When we say partner, we mean it. Not only are we committed to delivering the best solutions possible, we look at every aspect of the project to provide optimum value for our customers. Whether it is with greater efficiencies, uncompromised expertise, dependable hands-on experience or through strategic and insightful negotiations so we can pass on much lower costs, the value we deliver is broad and far reaching and will continue to push us to deliver even more. The following is a sample of the value-added solutions we can provide:

Selective Catalytic Reduction for NOx Reduction:

  • Our Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) team is simply the best in the industry, providing proven performance and guaranteed compliance while meeting the strictest of emissions standards
  • We can provide low cost SCR systems with OEM-level high quality manufacturing resulting in affordable ultra-high performance systems
  • Experience in design, supply, installation and commissioning for fired heater, boiler and gas turbine/heat recovery steam generators (HRSG)
  • Highly experienced technical managers are available to precommission, balance ammonia injection grids, and successfully commission and maintain SCR systems around the world

Design Expertise

As respected leaders, our team averages more than 100 years of direct design experience working with one of the largest and most diverse portfolio of gas turbine system applications. Through our investment in time and resources we are further able to engage in leading-edge design development activities that put us in the forefront of the catalyst market.

Some of these key design features, which are further complemented by our team’s project experience, include:

  • Unique ammonia injection grid design for more efficient exhaust gas/ammonia mixing
  • Superior sealing of catalyst to frame and liners to prevent untreated exhaust gas by-pass
  • Design confirmation through CFD and physical flow models
  • Improved system efficiencies, resulting in more compact system foot-print, reduced cost and lower pressure drop
  • Fast-start ammonia injection system development
  • Critical low frequency or octave band noise attenuation
  • Modular construction for easy shipment and site erection

All system elements are designed using our in-house engineers and state-of-the-art software, including:

  • Finite element analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamic analysis
  • Acoustic design
  • Structural / mechanical design