Senior Manager, Engineering

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Chris is a respected leader in developing advanced noise control solutions for a variety of industries around the world. As a mechanical engineer, his innovative drive, mechanical design skills, pragmatic approach and commitment to creating a harmonious balance between community and the productivity of industry has made him a valued member of the EnergyLink International family. As Senior Manager, Engineering, Chris is responsible for fostering a productive culture that is always at the forefront in creating effective solutions.

Personal Experience

Chris’ management experience began in 2011 when he was recruited by ATCO Emissions Management as Manager, Acoustical Engineering. In this role he was responsible for managing noise impact assessment and noise control engineering projects in power generation, oil & gas, manufacturing and other industries. He was also involved with environmental noise regulatory applications, noise propagation modeling, OH&S noise assessments, designing industrial noise controls, silencers and acoustic buildings. Chris successfully carried on in this role after ATCO was sold and evolved into INNOVA Global.  In 2018 he joined Stantec where he acted as a Senior Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Specialist. In this role he was responsible for identifying noise discipline leads on environmental impact assessment reports, noise mitigation specification and selection, quality review of reports and client deliverables as well as baseline and diagnostic acoustic measurement programs. Recognized for his disciplined approach and innovative drive, Chris was recruited by Vertex Resource Group as Manager, Acoustical Engineering before joining EnergyLink International in 2020 as Manager, Noise Control. In his role Chris combines his extensive industry experience, and vast operational insights to deliver the highest quality products and services for effective noise control.

Chris received his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Calgary.

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