Director, Catalyst Systems

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Industry recognized as one of the top-rated engineers in post combustion catalyst technologies, Jeff Wirt is the Director of Catalyst Systems for EnergyLink International. His innovative drive and commitment to developing leading-edge technologies continues to position EnergyLink International as a global leader in catalyst systems.

Personal Experience

With a diverse engineering background spanning more than 35 years, Jeff’s dedicated focus to the emission control market began in 2001. His field of expertise includes Selective Catalytic Reductions Systems, Oxidation Catalyst Systems, Duct Burner Systems, Economizers and Oil & Gas Production Equipment. Jeff’s extensive experience includes the design of and field assistance for SCR / CO systems, including ammonia vaporization and flow control systems. He has conducted product development work for the design, fabrication and successful commissioning of numerous aero derivative combustion turbine exhaust catalyst systems. His knowledge and experience in project management, design, flow modeling, manufacturing and commissioning of these systems have positioned Jeff as an industry leader with work performed throughout the United States and around the world.

Jeff’s extensive portfolio of Catalyst System’s includes 81 Simple Cycle Systems and 4 Combined Cycle Systems.  Additionally, Jeff has years of experience in the design and successful operation of duct burners, economizers and oil and gas processing equipment.

Prior to joining EnergyLink International Jeff worked for international technology corporations including; Honeywell-Callidus, Express Integrated Technologies and the John Zink Company.

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