Proudly Supporting Texas in Securing Power Stability

As Texas continues to make strides towards securing power stability, EnergyLink International stands ready to support the Lone Star State with an unwavering commitment to providing the most efficient, reliable, and cleanest energy solutions. With over 50 successful Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) installations in the state within the past three years, EnergyLink International is the foremost leader in ensuring that electricity generating facilities meet the state’s tough standards for air pollution control, efficient NOx and CO emissions reduction, and noise emissions control, while producing a reliable backup energy resource for the citizens of Texas.

EnergyLink takes pride in providing industry leading expert support; our team works closely with you to design custom solutions with hassle-free integration to existing or new facilities. Together, we can build a resilient energy landscape that works in every season, no matter the weather or demand.

To explore collaboration opportunities and learn more about how EnergyLink International can support energy projects, connect with or email Denise LeClaire, M.A., B.A. Hons. at denise.leclaire@energylinkcorp.com. Standing behind Texas and projects around the world to achieve a reliable and cleaner power grid is another way EnergyLink is connecting you to a better way.