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A Job Well Done: EnergyLink Achieves Substantial Completion In Omaha

EnergyLink International is excited to announce that we are nearing substantial completion of an acoustic barrier and enclosure project for our client in Omaha, Nebraska. This project complements the recently completed acoustic building at a nearby site, where EnergyLink guarantees compliance with stringent low frequency (dBC) noise limits. The barrier and enclosure will contain noise from a large-frame gas turbine used as backup power for the abundant renewable energy resources in the area.

Mike Waugh – Senior Manager, Construction, and Wild Guevara P.Eng – Project Manager, have ensured the safe and timely completion of this high-quality work. EnergyLink International’s site-wide acoustic guarantee is made possible through the expertise of Chris Giesbrecht – Senior Manager, Engineering, who designed the acoustic exhaust and boundary barrier walls, and Gustavo Elgueta – Noise Emissions SME, who will ensure that they perform as designed.

The completion of this project is yet another testament to EnergyLink’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and how we are constantly connecting you to a better way.