Director, Quality

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A trusted leader in Quality Assurance, Jim is responsible for the development and implementation of programs and processes that drive efficiencies and maintain the highest standards of quality. Through strategic insight and preventative measures, Jim has been diligent in auditing processes and implementing policies, procedures and best practices for all deliverables by EnergyLink International.

Personal Experience

With a distinguished career that spans more than 30 years of national and international experience, Jim started at S&L Fabricating in 1988. Working with the company for more than 12 years, Jim held a variety of roles with increasing responsibilities that included Lead Hand, Lead Foreman and Plant Manager. In 2000 Jim joined Higgott Kane as a Construction Manager and Field Technical Assistant / Q.A. Inspector. In 2005 Jim was recruited by Henry Technologies / Chilcon Products where he acted as both Quality Assurance Manager and Manufacturing Manager in a shell and tube pressure vessel shop.

Jim later joined ATCO Emissions Management in 2007. As a Construction Manager and Field Technical Assistant, Jim was assigned across Canada, United Kingdom, Central America and United States for gas turbine power plant exhaust and intake ducting, emissions controls, exhaust diverters for combined cycle plants and prefabricated acoustic buildings. He would later be promoted to Quality Manager for Out of Country Projects with a focus on Mexico, China as well as Peru, and successfully carried on in this role after the company was sold and evolved into INNOVA Global.  Recognized for his disciplined approach and extensive first-hand experience, Jim was recruited by EnergyLink International in 2019 as Director of Quality.

Professional Credentials Include:

  • Artus – Hostile Environment Training
  • ISO 9000 Internal Auditor – Productivity Improvement Centre
  • Safety, Health and the Law – Industrial Accident Prevention Assoc
  • Occupational Health and Safety Awareness
  • Welding Supervisor Card
  • Supervisor Health and Safety
  • Self Propelled and Boom Type Elevating Platform Certificate
  • Construction Safety and Health
  • OSG – Fall Protection
  • OSG – Aerial Lift
  • TCPL – Safety Orientation

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