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Bridging The Gap: EnergyLink Supporting Kiewit Complete Tier 4 New York Power Project

As previously announced, EnergyLink International was chosen to work with a team of leading companies on a clean energy transmission project in support of innovating the American energy grid, using high voltage direct current (HVDC). Today, as part of a major milestone update, EnergyLink’s on-site scope of work has begun in support of Kiewit in their construction activities towards the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE).

As a a recognized authority in construction, Kiewit was selected to lead on-land construction activity for the entirety of CHPE HVDC route, of 146 miles (235 km) of on-land infrastructure for the 339-mile (546 km) transmission line, as well as the construction of a converter station in Astoria, Queens. Due to our extensive experience and strong reputation for delivering sound solutions to complex challenges, EnergyLink was chosen to support Kiewit in this endeavor by fabricating and installing custom designed envelopes to house the converter station processing equipment. Derek Wallace, PMP, C.Tech (Director of Projects) continues to lead our team to achieve milestones on schedule while Mike Waugh (Sr. Manager, Construction) will oversee the highest quality of work while ensuring safe installation of all structural steel, custom-envelopes, HVAC systems, plumbing, fire suppression and finish systems for a true turnkey experience.

CHPE is New York’s first Tier 4 project as part of the state’s Large-Scale Renewables Program. Tier 4 projects aim to responsibly deliver affordable renewable energy to New York City, the largest energy load region in America. With an energy grid consisting of nearly 90% carbon-fired electricity and geographic isolation from renewable power generation projects, CHPE represents a significant step forward towards achieving New York’s goal of transitioning to a zero-emissions grid by 2040. Upon completion, CHPE will deliver 1,250 MW of renewable energy from Quebec – enough to power over a million homes and retire 14 out of the 15 peaking generating plants in New York City.

Supporting leading companies in bringing projects to life is another example of how EnergyLink is connecting you to a better way.