As recognized leaders in the design and installation of anti-icing and inlet heating systems, EnergyLink is pleased to announce that we have recently installed 34 of these systems for a leading OEM to ensure emissions control and the highly efficient operation of gas turbines with no down time even through the most extreme cold weather conditions.

With changing weather patterns and different parts of North America experiencing unprecedented cold fronts, gas turbines are continuing to face extreme conditions that they may not have been originally designed for. EnergyLink’s proprietary design of anti-icing / inlet heating systems are specifically developed to address these issues.

Using free, recovered heat from the turbine exhaust, our systems provide even distribution of the heated air over the face of the inlet filter to prevent filter and ducting from icing with extremely low inlet and exhaust pressure drops – ensuring high turbine performance. Results show that our anti-icing systems have a larger power output for gas turbine peak-performance compared to hot water/glycol heat exchangers or bleed air systems.

Alternatively, our inlet heating systems operate by transferring heat from hot exhaust gas to anti-icing ambient air which is injected at the entrance of the inlet system. The advantage of this heating system is that the temperature is raised sufficiently to prevent icing in the gas turbine intake system upstream of the filters, protecting the filter elements as well as downstream ducting without noticeable inlet pressure drop.

Dependable products that continue to outlast, outperform and deliver real value through extreme conditions is one more way EnergyLink is continuing to connect you to a better way.