As a partner of choice for one of the leading power plant suppliers in the US, EnergyLink has been selected to provide Simple Cycle Catalyst Systems for 8 GE LM 6000 Gas Turbines to support the provision of electricity to the Texas grid during critical peak periods. The project is due for completion in early 2022. Further recognizing our valued client’s commitment to environmental stewardship and always being at the forefront, our advanced design will significantly reduce NOx and CO emissions while addressing noise impact concerns. This project is one more example of how we are committed to connecting you to a better way.

As leaders in helping organizations reduce their environmental footprint, EnergyLink is pleased to announce that we have been selected to work on the US Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Safety Significant Confinement Ventilation System project.

Led by Derek Wallace, PMP, C.Tech and Mike Waugh, EnergyLink International will be providing the roof envelope, interior build-out, masonry walls, personnel doors and plumbing of two large process buildings on the site as well as two pre-engineered steel monitoring buildings that are included in this ground-breaking project. As the nation’s only deep geologic long-lived radioactive waste repository, EnergyLink is especially excited to be a part of this initiative so we can continue to develop long-term and sustainable solutions that connect you to a better way.

To be effective leaders in Retrofit services, you need to be able to act quickly while still providing the highest quality deliverables. Partnering with a leading generation and transmission cooperative in North Dakota, EnergyLink was engaged to perform a retrofit of tempering air ducts inside the turbine exhaust system.

It was imperative the design be able to handle the extreme exhaust temperature flowing through to the gas turbine. Due to a very violent atmosphere, the structure needed to be substantial enough to control the vibration and environment so that it did not lead to significant degradation.

Through our proprietary design, we were able to create a solution that can withstand the most extreme conditions. Most impressive was the fact that we were able to respond immediately and complete the retrofit during our client’s outage, ensuring minimal impact to overall operations. It is this responsiveness and commitment to long-term quality that contributes to position EnergyLink as leaders within Retrofit Services and is one more example of how we are connecting you to a better way

EnergyLink is pleased to announce that Colin Martin has joined our growing team as a Senior Project Manager. A recognized Partner of Choice in project execution with today’s leading clients, Colin’s strong commitment to customer excellence has made him a respected leader on many projects. His high ethical standards and an uncompromising sense of integrity, ensures the highest in quality deliverables every time. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, Colin’s trusted insights, proven expertise and collaborative approach ensures projects are completed seamlessly, on time and on budgets, and is another example of how we are connecting you to a better way.

When everything lines up perfectly the first time, you know you’ve done the job right. At EnergyLink, not only can we achieve an industry low guarantee of 96% NOx reduction with our SCR systems, we also pride ourselves on the highest quality deliverables. This is what more than 100 years of combined design experience has taught us.

Even from the start and right down to the smallest of details, we understand the importance of efficiencies we deliver for our valued customers when everything goes right during the fit-up process. At EnergyLink our moto is basic … lift, put in place, move on to the next one. Our process is so refined that field lifting and bolt up assembly for one entire SCR can be completed within seven (7) hours – less than one working day. That means no additional costs wasted for unnecessary crane delays and using valuable resources to try and correct inefficiencies and errors at the last minute.

It is this commitment that continues to position EnergyLink as leaders with SCR technology and why we have delivered more than 30 SCR systems throughout North America in 2020 and 2021. Another example of how we are connecting you to a better way.

As recognized leaders in the design and installation of anti-icing and inlet heating systems, EnergyLink is pleased to announce that we have recently installed 34 of these systems for a leading OEM to ensure emissions control and the highly efficient operation of gas turbines with no down time even through the most extreme cold weather conditions.

With changing weather patterns and different parts of North America experiencing unprecedented cold fronts, gas turbines are continuing to face extreme conditions that they may not have been originally designed for. EnergyLink’s proprietary design of anti-icing / inlet heating systems are specifically developed to address these issues.

Using free, recovered heat from the turbine exhaust, our systems provide even distribution of the heated air over the face of the inlet filter to prevent filter and ducting from icing with extremely low inlet and exhaust pressure drops – ensuring high turbine performance. Results show that our anti-icing systems have a larger power output for gas turbine peak-performance compared to hot water/glycol heat exchangers or bleed air systems.

Alternatively, our inlet heating systems operate by transferring heat from hot exhaust gas to anti-icing ambient air which is injected at the entrance of the inlet system. The advantage of this heating system is that the temperature is raised sufficiently to prevent icing in the gas turbine intake system upstream of the filters, protecting the filter elements as well as downstream ducting without noticeable inlet pressure drop.

Dependable products that continue to outlast, outperform and deliver real value through extreme conditions is one more way EnergyLink is continuing to connect you to a better way.

Agencies governing industrial noise compliance are increasingly regulating power plant performance. EnergyLink International’s gas turbine exhaust systems meet the most stringent of noise regulations, high cyclic loading and severe thermal stresses for all sizes of GT’s. With the delicate balance of performance, cost-effectiveness and turbine efficiency, our in-house acoustical and mechanical engineers will do an in-depth analysis and provide the best solution to both meet noise limits and suit your bottom line.

Proven Expertise

Our team has over 100 years’ combined experience and have equipped auxiliary systems for +1200 gas turbines.

Superior Noise Control / Guaranteed Performance

Acoustic emissions are reduced due to better and more durable baffle design and an insulated hot gas path considering casing radiated noise, and are guaranteed to meet the noise requirements.

Efficient Design Costs

Greater value is passed on to our customers due to in-depth experience, proprietary designs and low fabrication cost.

Trusted Supplier.

OEM approved designs for any turbine model ensures silencing solutions that are customized to your specific needs.

In-Depth Model Analysis and Testing

Extensive exhaust system integrity analysis and low frequency and vibration evaluation to ensure the highest quality deliverable.

Environmental Regulations

EnergyLink is continuously at the forefront in designing silencing systems that satisfy the most stringent acoustic requirements including low frequency noise.

Turnkey Supply

EnergyLink also provides turnkey services including installation and commissioning as required.

EnergyLink is excited to have worked with a major US utility on a retrofit project that included acoustic mitigation of exhaust mufflers. EnergyLink was selected because of our responsiveness and ability to deliver greater value through cost-effective and long-term solutions. Our client’s commitment to sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint perfectly aligns with our values and is one more example of how we are connecting you to a better way.

EnergyLink is excited to announce that we have surpassed the 50% Project Milestone with the construction of three acoustic buildings for a power generation plant in North Central US.  Performing on-time and on-budget, EnergyLink was selected by a leading EPC to provide a full-service solution that includes building envelope, electrical, mechanical, ventilation, walkway system and lightning protection. Timing of this project was essential as dry in of theses impressive 68’ high buildings needed to be complete prior to winter starting. The high-quality deliverables, reliable performance and dedicated service provided by our valued team continues to define EnergyLink and is one more example of how we are connecting you to a better way.

Our world is ever-changing. Being at the forefront means never standing still. That is why we have created NEXT, one of the most comprehensive, scalable and cost efficient, Retrofit services available in the market today. Specifically designed to answer the question: What’s NEXT for your operation? EnergyLink provides a wide scope of small and large air emissions and noise control Retrofit solutions that ensures you are compliant for today and well into the future – helping take your operations to the NEXT level.

NEXT is a customized program designed for your individual needs. Our results-driven solutions include an extensive line of products and services that has been specifically developed to address the following issues facing operations today:

  • Reduce Air and Noise Emissions
  • Increase Overall Productivity
  • Improve Plant Performance
  • Enhance Operational Flexibility
  • Drive Greater Efficiencies
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Add Longevity to Assets and Facility
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • Foster Positive Community Relations

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