As a partner of choice for one of the leading power plant suppliers in the US, EnergyLink has been selected to provide Simple Cycle Catalyst Systems for 8 GE LM 6000 Gas Turbines to support the provision of electricity to the Texas grid during critical peak periods. The project is due for completion in early 2022. Further recognizing our valued client’s commitment to environmental stewardship and always being at the forefront, our advanced design will significantly reduce NOx and CO emissions while addressing noise impact concerns. This project is one more example of how we are committed to connecting you to a better way.

When everything lines up perfectly the first time, you know you’ve done the job right. At EnergyLink, not only can we achieve an industry low guarantee of 96% NOx reduction with our SCR systems, we also pride ourselves on the highest quality deliverables. This is what more than 100 years of combined design experience has taught us.

Even from the start and right down to the smallest of details, we understand the importance of efficiencies we deliver for our valued customers when everything goes right during the fit-up process. At EnergyLink our moto is basic … lift, put in place, move on to the next one. Our process is so refined that field lifting and bolt up assembly for one entire SCR can be completed within seven (7) hours – less than one working day. That means no additional costs wasted for unnecessary crane delays and using valuable resources to try and correct inefficiencies and errors at the last minute.

It is this commitment that continues to position EnergyLink as leaders with SCR technology and why we have delivered more than 30 SCR systems throughout North America in 2020 and 2021. Another example of how we are connecting you to a better way.

As respected leaders in advanced SCR technology, our team averages more than 100 years of direct design experience working with one of the largest and most diverse portfolio of gas turbine system applications. Through our investment in time and resources we are further able to engage in leading-edge design development activities that put us at the forefront of the catalyst market. At EnergyLink International it’s never just about maintaining the status quo; it’s about driving innovation and setting a higher standard for others to follow. Continually being at the forefront is one more example of how we are connecting our valued-customers to a better way.