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Bonjour! EnergyLink Lights Up Paris at Enlit Europe 2023

As EnergyLink continues to expand globally, we’re delighted to share that we’ll be actively participating in Enlit Europe 2023. We invite you to connect with us in person at the Canadian Pavilion, Stand 7.3.A50 from November 28-30 in the vibrant city of Paris!

Enlit is more than just an energy event; it’s a constantly growing, inclusive forum that addresses every aspect of the energy agenda. As the energy landscape evolves, we understand the importance of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable practices.

At EnergyLink, our commitment to excellence is evident in our range of solutions, including cutting-edge offerings in air and noise emission, gas turbine auxiliary systems, and retrofit services. Enlit Europe provides the perfect platform for us to engage with industry leaders, share insights, and explore new opportunities that contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future for the energy sector.

We invite you to join us in Paris to discover how EnergyLink is at the forefront of providing world-class solutions and connecting you to a better way. Can’t make it? Reach out to Matthew Linder, P.E. at or Denise LeClaire, M.A., B.A. Hons. at to find out what you missed. Let’s connect, inspire, and pave the way for a more sustainable energy future together!