To be effective leaders in Retrofit services, you need to be able to act quickly while still providing the highest quality deliverables. Partnering with a leading generation and transmission cooperative in North Dakota, EnergyLink was engaged to perform a retrofit of tempering air ducts inside the turbine exhaust system.

It was imperative the design be able to handle the extreme exhaust temperature flowing through to the gas turbine. Due to a very violent atmosphere, the structure needed to be substantial enough to control the vibration and environment so that it did not lead to significant degradation.

Through our proprietary design, we were able to create a solution that can withstand the most extreme conditions. Most impressive was the fact that we were able to respond immediately and complete the retrofit during our client’s outage, ensuring minimal impact to overall operations. It is this responsiveness and commitment to long-term quality that contributes to position EnergyLink as leaders within Retrofit Services and is one more example of how we are connecting you to a better way

Our world is ever-changing. Being at the forefront means never standing still. That is why we have created NEXT, one of the most comprehensive, scalable and cost efficient, Retrofit services available in the market today. Specifically designed to answer the question: What’s NEXT for your operation? EnergyLink provides a wide scope of small and large air emissions and noise control Retrofit solutions that ensures you are compliant for today and well into the future – helping take your operations to the NEXT level.

NEXT is a customized program designed for your individual needs. Our results-driven solutions include an extensive line of products and services that has been specifically developed to address the following issues facing operations today:

  • Reduce Air and Noise Emissions
  • Increase Overall Productivity
  • Improve Plant Performance
  • Enhance Operational Flexibility
  • Drive Greater Efficiencies
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Add Longevity to Assets and Facility
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • Foster Positive Community Relations